The Academy boasts of an ultra-modern library which comes on handy and conducive for Cadets, the library provides educational and research information to cadets, students and staff of the Academy, it is a dynamic instrument for explaining and expanding the knowledge horizon. The library which has an e-library embedded is strategically positioned to contribute to the motivation of learner through providing a conducive environment and favorable condition for learning and development. Virtually all aspects of the library's operations have been computerized, as it has been upgraded following the installation of Library Information Systems.

Simulation Complex
To be able to impact practical training and hands-on experience to cadets and students of the academy as well as trainees from the maritime industry without necessary going to sea, the Academy has a modern simulator complex which houses the training simulators.
The Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi multi-purpose hall with 1000 sitting capacity stands out as a place of pride to any tertiary institution in our Country today. This uniquemodern architectural masterpiece equipped with state-of-the -art facilities provides a comfortable and conducive environment for international conferences and symposiums. It is also aimed at entertaining, Cadets, members of Academy community and the general public.
ICT Center
The ICT Center is the Technology hub of the Academy where professional trainings are carried out. It is a structured setting of over 40 8th generation computers systems equipped to train cadets and seafarers on the latest technologies in the maritime industry. The ICT center is manned by highly rated ICT professionals who cater for the online and offline presence of the Academy to keep it accessible and reliable at all times.
Engineering Workshop
Academy's workshop is classified into two, the Mechanical and Electrical segments. While the Marine Engineering Workshop houses different machines and tools that can be found in a ship's Engine Room, the Electrical Electronics Workshop takes charge of all necessary practical training on the electrical aspects of a Ship. Cadets are exposed to the different machines, tools and simulations they ought to be familiar with before going on board the Ship to man ships that navigate the High Seas. These Workshops afford our Cadets up-to-date, hands-on training which adequately prepares them for the challenges ahead of them on board the ships.

This comprises different sporting facilities for Cadets' sporting pleasure often during their leisure hour, viz: Basketball Pitch, Lawn Tennis Court, Volley Ball Pitch, Race Tracks and Football Pitch. There is also a concrete pavilion for views comfort.
Situated at the heart of the academy lies the medical centre. Designed to carter to the primary health requirements of the cadets and members of the academy community.
Cadets of the Academy are treated to modern and cosy en-suite apartments on campus with 24 hour Power Supply. The comfort of the Cadets is Management's priority and it is treated as a prerequisite for the attainment of the educational goals of the Academy. Each cabin has only 2 occupants.
The general refectory is located next to cadet smoke room and provides meals for the cadets. The Smoke Room is used for social events, religious gatherings and liesure. The meals served under the refectory system are done in a very conducive environment with strict quality supervision by Academy's SERVICOM and Quality Control Department to ensure quality food is given to the Cadets and satisfactorily.

Transportation around the academy is made easy with the provision of several mini buses. You can find these buses around the academy during official hours. They are painted in the academy’s official colours (white and blue).

The Academy has a variety of banks and ATM points to carter to the financial services needs of the cadets and the Academy community as a whole.

The Academy has a number of commercial service centres. These service centres offer different kinds of services to cadets, students and staff of the Academy. They include laundry marts, tuck shops, barbing salon, business centres amongst many others.